• Scott Newman

Newman & Company conducts first-ever video trial in Manitoba

Updated: Oct 29

As COVID-19 establishes a firm foothold in Manitoba jails, a judge has green-lit the first trial in the province allowing an accused to appear by video.

"Fundamentally, there is no clear reason why the ability to make full answer and defence could not be accomplished by the accused watching the Crown case by video," provincial court Judge Tim Killeen wrote in a nine-page decision allowing Aaron Azure to remain at Headingley Correctional Centre for his two-day trial this week on weapons charges.


"Mr. Azure is supposed to have his day in court as soon as possible," defence lawyer Mitchel Merriott said outside court Tuesday. "If (the trial) was adjourned, then that’s more time on remand status awaiting trial for something (when) he’s presumed innocent."



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